Santa Lucia

 Modular house "Santa Lucia" is a quick solution for people who are looking for an easy and reliable way to have a nice place to stay. 

Although Santa Lucia appears as a small house, it is actually very spacious. On the main floor you will find a large living room which is directly connected to the kitchen and a dining area. Total area of this connected space is 18sqm. Behing the kitchen area you will find a full bathroom equiped with large shower box, sink and a flushing toilet. Total area of the bathroom is 3,5sqm.

From the living room you have a direct acces to partially covered terrace. Terrace has a total area of 8sqm. Over the bathroom and a kitchen you will find a spacious loft which is ment to be used as  a main sleeping area. Loft is accesible by steps which are part of the kitchen cabinets. Total area of the loft is 7,5sqm. As you see Santa Lucia is offering a total area of 32sqm+8sqm of terrace.

Heating and cooling is done by heat pump. Heat pump will provide You with high level of comfort together with small running costs.

As we produce our modular houses “off site”, you can expect highest level of quality all over.


Santa Lucia will give you affordable comfort anywhere…


How is Santa Lucia built?

Structural elements are made of high tensile galvanized steel members. (malý picture kostry santa lucie)

These members offer great stability, stiffness and rust protection. This type of main bearing frame will withstand all loads no matter where this modular house will be installed. It will withstand all wind loads, snow loads and even an earthquake load.

Main structure is covered with OSB boards. On these boards we have installed the first layer of the heat insulation. Over the heat insulation we have instaled timber structure which is carrying facade and a roof  made of metal sheets. Inside the walls we have added an extra heat insulation. On the inside we have used preformated gypsum boads of high grade. This solution will give your fantasy no limit in decoration.

Electricity distribution has a central fuse box with separation of circuits including residual current circuit-breaker.

Water distribution is made with last generation of PPR pipes. There is also a preparation for hot water heater (electriic). 

Sewage lines are installed using long lasting PVC pipes.


All utilities are connectible in a “utility nest|” under the floor of the bathroom. 

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